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We turn your current under performing campaigns into turbocharged traffic generators. You need traffic, and when visitors arrive at your site, you need to convert that traffic into paying customers. Our specialist skills and knowledge of the Google Ads algorithm puts your business on a new level.

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Google is continually evolving it’s paid advertising policies to ensure it has a campaign type for every conceivable business. Keeping up to date with new requirements is time-consuming and requires a professional approach. Being a fully licensed and certified Google Ads agency, we can guarantee any campaigns we run on your behalf will be fully optimised to make sure every pound you spend will be a pound well spent.

Google Ads Increase Online Visibility

Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential with Our Services
At the Search Equation, we can transform your online presence and success with our expert Google Ads management.
Maximise your reach, drive more traffic, and skyrocket your sales with our specialised Google Ads strategies. Let’s make your business the first choice where customers visit when needing your products or services.
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Are You Struggling To Stand Out In A Saturated Online Market?

It’s frustrating when you are sure your business offers superior products or services compared to others but gets lost in the noise.

Our agency specialises in formulating high-impact PPC campaigns that cut through the clutter, placing your brand directly in front of your target market.

Let us navigate the complexness of online advertising. With our expert campaigns, all you need to do is watch your visibility soar and your profits multiply.

Take Advantage of Google Ads to Drive Your Business Ahead of the Competition

Tailored Campaigns:

We design custom strategies that align with your business goals.

Comprehensive Analytics:

Our data-driven insights allow us to refine and improve your ROI continually.

Ongoing Support:

You'll have a dedicated account manager to make sure your campaigns are always at the forefront of new developments.

Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Marketing Budget On Methods That Don't Deliver?

Watching your hard-earned money drain away without seeing an expected increase in sales or leads is demoralising.
Our process is different because it works. By using the power of precise targeting, we guarantee every penny of your budget is invested wisely to reach potential customers ready for conversion.
Experience the difference with our data-driven, precision-targeted marketing campaigns that maximise your budget and skyrocket your returns.
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Are You Wondering If Google Ads Can Really Transform Your Business?

It’s one thing to hear about the potential of paid online advertising, but it’s another to see actual results.

Our clients’ success stories serve as concrete proof of the power of an effective Google Ad campaign.

Be inspired by businesses like yours that have soared to new heights of success. Yours could be the next success story.

Case Study Success Stories | Real Results - Real Impact

Discover How Our Clients Achieved Unprecedented Growth with Our Google Ad Management
Sheridan France paid ads case study

73% increase in interested enquiries


At The Search Equation, we are dedicated to achieving outstanding results for every client, no matter how large or small the enterprise. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results is evident in our success working with Sheridan France.

Sheridan offers cosmetic beauty procedures in London. We gave her website a makeover Sheridan could be proud of, and with a combination of local SEO and Google Ads, since 2021, website traffic has tripled and enquires to the salon have increased by 73 percent.

The Virtual Taxi of Swindon Case Study after using paid adverts

44% increase in taxi bookings


We significantly increased traffic and attracted more customers to The Virtual Taxi, a Swindon Taxi Firm with Google Ads. Carefully chosen keywords related to taxi services, such as “taxi near me” or “Bristol airport transfer service,” and using them in targeted ad campaigns, means the company appears at the top of Google’s ads.

This visibility is crucial in towns where competition is high and convenient transport is in high demand. The Virtual Taxi now enjoys a 44 percent increase in bookings and has hired new drivers to cope with the demand.

Why Choose Us? Because Your Success is Our Mission

Why We’re the Preferred Google Ads Agency for Businesses Seeking Growth
Expert Team:

We only employ certified Google Ads specialists who are committed to your success.

Custom Strategies:

We understand every business is different and devise bespoke campaigns tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Transparent Reporting

Our in-depth reports keep you in the loop on your campaign's performance.

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Are You Feeling Lost In The Maze Of Digital Marketing Options?

Do You Feel Ready To Make A Change But Are Trying To Figure Out Where To Start?

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Get Started: Your Path to Unprecedented Online Visibility

Are You Ready to Amplify Your Online Presence and Drive Exceptional Sales?

Google Ads FAQs

Google Ads combines what was formerly known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express. It is a paid solution offered by Google that businesses use to promote their products and services on Google's search results.

Some places your ads can appear include:

The Search Network: These ads are in text form and show on Google's results pages when a user searches for a product or service related to your chosen keywords.

The Display Network: Display campaigns mainly serve visually engaging ads to reach people as they visit millions of websites, use apps, or use Google-owned properties.

Video Advertising: These ads feature video content shown before or during a YouTube video.

PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) means you pay only when someone engages with your advert by clicking the ad or contacting your business.

Other paid online advertising models include:

Cost Per Impression: With CPI advertising, you pay depending on how often your ad was shown but not necessarily clicked.

Cost Per Engagement: CPE is an advertising pricing model where advertisers pay when a user interacts with an ad. For example, on a social media site, users may engage with an advertisement by liking or sharing it or leaving a comment. 

The main advantage of using Google Ads is that it gives almost instant results. Once a campaign is published, there is a short wait while it is approved, and then the ad goes live, potentially reaching hundreds or even thousands of Google users, depending on your budget and keywords.

Advertisers can choose specific campaign goals, such as driving traffic to a website or receiving phone calls. You can also decide that your ad only shows within a specified location. Advertisers can select their budget and target market and start or stop their adverts anytime.

A professional Google Ads agency such as The Search Equation will create effective ad campaigns to meet your business goals, increase your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and save you time and money. 

A knowledgeable agency has the expertise and experience to optimise campaigns, recognise new opportunities, and stay updated with the latest trends and recommended practices without you having to spend time that takes you away from your clients.

However, not all marketing agencies are equal, and finding a suitable agency to work with is essential. Some agencies focus only on paid advertising methods. But it's important to choose an agency that understands every aspect of digital marketing to take advantage of both free and paid traffic.

When picking an agency to manage your Google ad campaigns, look for an agency with a proven track record. Study their customer feedback and case studies and ask people you trust for recommendations.

It is helpful if they have experience in your industry or similar industries.

As a client, you can expect regular reports showcasing data in an easy-to-understand yet thorough way. The reports should describe what your account manager is doing, what's bringing in the best results, what isn't, and why.

When you hire an agency, you invest in (and commit to) a relationship. Like all relationships, clear communication and honesty are the path to success.

If you find an agency with the right experience, credentials, and reporting methods but with poor communication, they still aren't "the one."

Agency fees depend on the scope of a project. Some keywords require less effort than others, and a campaign with six ads targeting a dozen keywords each will be less expensive than a campaign consisting of 20 ads targeting 20 keywords each. For a personalised quote or questions about pricing, contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and design a campaign within your budget.

Your budget settings define the cost of the bill. With Google Ads, there is no required minimum spend and no contract, so you can stop and restart ads anytime. The cost of a click or call varies considerably depending on the industry, the number of businesses competing for a keyword or phrase, targeting, and the specific goals of your campaign. 

Optimising a website for search engines (SEO) is a long-term process that requires properly setting up a website and online presence to increase organic search and referral traffic. This type of traffic doesn't require payment, but you must invest time and money to achieve it.

SEO should always be an essential component of a digital marketing strategy, but paying for ads quickly brings targeted traffic to a website. It generates traffic almost immediately, whereas SEO can take several months.

Both SEO and Google Ads require ongoing investment, but with PPC, you only pay when people are interested in your product and click your ad.

We recommend combining SEO and paid advertising for optimal results.

Creating an effective Google Ads campaign requires a good understanding of the platform. Simply clicking a few buttons won't do the job. 

To set up a new campaign, you must understand your advertising objectives and your products' profitability to maximise your campaign. After that, you must decide which campaign types will work best for you, do keyword research, and create a proper campaign structure to reduce costs.

Sometimes, you may need multiple campaigns to see your ideas work. You'll also need to create several ad versions to make your adverts as compelling as they can be, and write copy for many ads. It's not unusual to have hundreds of ad variations for a single campaign if done well.

If you're using display ads, you must create or provide input to different banner ads. You'll also have to set up conversion tracking within Google Analytics, which can be time-consuming. You may also need to modify your website to allow conversion tracking.

Overall, setting up an AdWords campaign takes much time and effort. However, it's worth it because a well-executed campaign can provide excellent returns.

Yes, of course, but managing Google Ads in-house means an extra responsibility, which can be demanding while running a business. Agencies benefit from using industry tools for multiple clients, lowering software costs and business overheads, which often makes using an agency more cost-effective than in-house.

If you decide to manage marketing activities in-house, you must make sure your employees have the needed experience. If you manage to find a skilled candidate in your industry, it's unlikely they can match the resources and skills available in an established digital marketing agency.

Hiring an agency helps free up time and responsibility and makes the process more straightforward.

Ad campaigns must be monitored and optimised to improve them over time, allowing you to increase your return on investment.

Management involves developing new ad groups and discovering new keywords and phrases, pausing ads or keywords that aren't making a profit, and keeping track of your competition. A manager must continuously check the budget, making sure there are sufficient funds and deciding where to increase it. Campaigns must be monitored to make sure your ads do not show for unrelated keywords.

Advertising with PPC ads is not a static process. Thousands of variables are at play, as every time an ad is displayed, a real-time auction occurs behind the scenes. Even if nothing changes within your campaigns, your results may be very different on a weekly or monthly basis as competing advertisers start new campaigns.