Magento 1 To 2 Migration Without Losing Money – In Four Easy Steps

If you run an ecommerce site on the Magento platform, but are still using Magento 1, migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as soon as possible is not only an excellent idea, it is vital. Official support of Magento 1 versions will stop completely after June 2020, which means your site will be vulnerable, […]

Magento 1 To Magento 2 Migration – The Key Facts You Need To Know

Magento 1 is formally being would up by Adobe (the owners of Magento) in June 2020. For thousands of website owners, this maybe a nightmare scenario. Basically apart from the improved technical coding and processes in Magento 2, the new platform offers these key advantages: Increased speed and performance Improved checkout procedures Extension code overlap […]

Fangs & Bats – 7 Tech Giants After Your Blood

There was a time when you thought of fangs, and Dracula came to mind. Nowadays in our modern world, its meaning is far more technical! FANGS F for FACEBOOK With over 2 billion users, of which over half are solely mobile users, Facebook has been dominating many people’s lives for the last 5 years. From […]

Top Ten Google SEO Developments 2019

Google changes its algorithms throughout the year. Although most are minor, with five to six hundred changes a year, the equations are consistently changing. Along with the annual changes as well as the arrival and ever-increasing use of voice search, Digital Marketing SEO companies have to keep up with trend changes, or they can easily […]

The Simple Beginner’s Guide To Local SEO That Will Help You Rank

Local SEO is a term that you have certainly heard if you have a website. But what exactly is local search engine optimisation? And how can it help your business? The answer to the first question is Local SEO is about targeting your marketing strategy to gain ranks in the physical area of your business. […]

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Complaints & Disputes If you have any reason to complain in regard to services which have been provided to you by TSE, you may submit details of your complaint in writing to the following address: Upon receipt of your complaint, our customer services will acknowledge receipt by e-mail within a maximum of 5 working days of its receipt. This e-mail will provide details of any actions which TSE proposes to take in relation to your complaint and the timescale for completion of these actions. We treat any complaints in the strictest confidence & in line with our privacy policy.…


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Domain Registration Prices & FAQs PRICESOur domain registration prices are as£6.99/yr£7.99/£6.99/yr£7.99/£6.99/yr£7.99/£6.99/yr£7.99/yrFAQSHow to renew a domain nameYour domains are valuable assets for your business and if you want to keep them registered and up to date you need to know how the domain renewal system works.When you buy a domain name, it becomes your property for as long as you register it. Most domains can be registered for up to 10 years into the future.When your domain is approaching its expiry date, you will be sent several renewal notifications inviting you to renew your domain in advance of the expiry…

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Privacy Policy The Search Equation takes your right to privacy seriously and wants you to feel comfortable using this website. This privacy policy deals with personally-identifiable information (referred to as "data" below) that may be collected by this site. This policy does not apply to other entities that are not owned or controlled by the site editor, nor does it apply to persons that are not employees or agents of the site editor, or that are not under the site editor's control. Please take time to read this site's Terms of Use.1. Collection of dataRegistration for an account on this…

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Terms and conditions for .UK Domain Name Registration 1. These terms apply to all new and existing Clients of TSE seeking to register a .UK domain name. 2. Registration of .UK domain names is executed on a first come, first served basis. TSE may only offer the registration of .UK domains in the following situations: a) Where individual clients are 18 years of age and over.b) Where the client is a UK resident. For non-UK residents, a proxy will be automatically provided to enable registration. Clients are aware and understand that PO Boxes are unacceptable as an address.c) If the…