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This page is aimed at those who work in the dental sector to inform you how we can increase the number of leads and patients at your dental practice. 

Most dentists find signing up new patients, expanding their practice, and improving online visibility a mammoth task. If you run a dentist’s surgery, you are probably somewhat familiar with local search engine optimisation, or local SEO, and know that raising your dentist website’s local SEO rank on Google and, to a point, Bing, is a crucial step to achieve the goals mentioned above.

The dental industry is very competitive, and a successful local SEO strategy requires a significant time investment, SEO experience, and effort. For these reasons, many dentists let their SEO efforts fall behind as they strive to manage their practices efficiently and deliver excellent patient care.

However, you don’t have to burn the midnight oil to improve your search engine rankings. That’s where we, The Search Equation, come in. We incorporate tried-and-tested, proven dental SEO marketing tactics to increase your online visibility in local searches and your number of patients.

Why Local SEO for Dentists is Important

Before we dive into how we can improve your local SEO, let’s look at why dental surgery SEO is so important.

For those new to the world of SEO, local search engine optimisation is the method of improving your ranking in local search engine listings. For example, if a searcher enters “dentist near me” or “dentist in West London,” a website correctly optimised for local queries will appear at the top of the local business listings and possibly at the top of the search engine’s organic results.

If you do a local dentist search and see which site comes up first, more than likely, the top-ranking dental surgery website didn’t get placed first by chance.

It’s highly probable the staff at the practice or local dental SEO experts combined on and off-page techniques, plus technical SEO, to enhance the website’s value and establish its credibility in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

Implementing a solid local SEO strategy for dentists can bring many benefits, such as:

More Leads

Research shows the first five search engine results get almost 70% of clicks. Hence, if your website doesn’t rank towards the top of the page, you are potentially missing out on dozens of enquiries and thousands of pounds in earnings.

Improving your local SEO and raising your search engine local rank will bring more qualified leads to contact your practice. By optimising your local SEO strategy, we can increase conversions, appointments, and your income without you having to overspend on expensive ads and marketing.

More Visibility

Similarly, local SEO improves your visibility. Improving your ranking and increasing the likelihood of you being found for a specific keyword or query, i.e., “dentist near me.” 

More Web Traffic

Your ranking in local search results and the number of visitors your dental business website receives are heavily correlated. It goes without saying that a higher-ranking dental practice website typically gets more visitors from Google, which has a knock-on effect and improves its rank even more.

Be More Competitive 

Even if you have never considered starting an SEO campaign for your dentist website, your competitors likely have. With SEO driving more potential patients to your surgery, you can boost your market share and compete with the most popular dental practices in your area.

Fast Results

Finally, a local SEO campaign can impact your marketing efforts faster than regular SEO. A standard internet SEO campaign may require months to see momentum, but local SEO is relatively inexpensive and often, you will see your rank rising in weeks rather than months. 

Online Reviews Help Your Business

According to a survey by Dimensional Research, 90% of people will read at least one online review before choosing a business. 

We help you quickly accumulate and monitor reviews on Google and Facebook. These reviews can be the best marketing tool for a local business.

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Find Your Current Local SEO Rank

You can find out your local SEO ranking by typing “dentist near me” or “dentist in [town]” to see the local search results and where you rank compared to your nearby competitors.

Alternatively, ask us to check your ranking. We use professional keyword tools and other types of software to analyse your ranking, see how you compare to your competitors, and perform keyword research to identify additional relevant words and phrases to integrate into your website’s content.

Our SEO Services for Dental Practices

Our first task is to analyse your site’s SEO and social media data. 

Once we determine what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, we lay out a strategy to improve your SEO locally.

The SEO Services for dental practices will generally follow these steps:

Extensive Keyword Research

The idea of keyword research sounds intimidating for newcomers to SEO. For this reason, many dental practices turn to us instead of attempting it themselves.

With our local SEO affordable packages, you don’t have to break the bank for us to conduct keyword research for your campaign. To get started, we choose a few keywords that your website already ranks for and compare them with your competitors’ rankings for the same keywords. We will then improve your current position by incorporating these keywords into backlinks, your website content, and posts on your GMB page.

Once we have determined the keywords you already rank for, we look for more relevant queries, keywords, and phrases that appeal to your target customers and make sense for your business. We then include them in your website’s content, service pages and blog posts.

We Gather Positive Reviews To Improve Your Practice’s Reputation

Every business wants to receive positive client reviews, but good reviews do more than show you that your patients value you as their dentist. Several 5-star Google reviews help new patients have trust in you and your services. In many cases, a positive review on Google can be just as effective as a personal recommendation.

Highlighting positive feedback on your website and your Google My Business page ensures that new visitors see the best reviews your dental practice has received when they click on your local listing or website home page.

Furthermore, your Google My Business page reviews will boost your local rank and visibility. 

We Deliver a Professional and User-Friendly Website

You would never expect your clients to enjoy attending a dingy, neglected dental practice. And your website should be considered similarly important, so would-be clients get an excellent first impression.

We advise dentists to have a clean, professional, and easy-to-navigate site that emphasises the most in-demand dental services, features your social media accounts, and includes content to engage new visitors.

We Manage Your Google My Business Page

Your Google My Business Page is essential for your dental marketing campaign. Yet, many local businesses never claim their free listings.

We make the most of the most widely used search engine by claiming, verifying, and optimising your GMB listing with up-to-date information, including:

  • Your dental practice’s name
  • The address
  • The phone number
  • Business hours
  • The correct business category
  • Your website URL


We will also write a keyword-optimised description that informs clients of your services and a unique selling point that tells potential clients what makes your practice more desirable than your competitors. 

A well-optimised Google My Business listing does not guarantee a place at the top of the local search results, but it significantly improves your chances of appearing in the top three results.

Local SEO Versus SEO

Before you decide to begin a local SEO campaign, knowing the difference between local SEO campaigns and traditional SEO campaigns is helpful.

As you probably have now realised, local SEO for dentists helps improve a dental practice’s ranking in the local search engine results. Google, for instance, will present results from its Google Business Profiles in Google Maps and the search engine results pages in the form of what is known as the local pack. The Local Pack is a Google feature that usually appears at the top or towards the top of the page when a user enters a search with local intent. It incorporates a map and three local business listings appropriate to the search.

Traditional SEO campaigns are different because they aim to improve your national ranking. Rather than just competing with local competitors for a top position in the results, you will compete with every other business in the country. This makes sense for a company that delivers nationwide or offers online-only products and services.

Having said that, local and traditional SEO use several similar tactics to improve rankings, including keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, and backlink building.

The Search Equation: SEO for Dental Websites

Managing a dental practice, caring for patients, updating social media, and working on your website’s search engine optimisation isn’t easy. With our local SEO for dentists, it becomes much more manageable.

Our skilled team can manage all aspects of local dentistry SEO, leaving you to work in your practice without stress or distractions.

For more information on how we can help with SEO for dental websites, call us on (0044) 01793 238232 or fill out our contact form today.

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