Why Would You Build A Website In The Age Of Social Media?

We live in times where social media is everywhere. No matter if you’re walking your dog, waiting for your Uber to arrive or…
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The Complete Guide To Image Sizes On Social Media Networks

Have a social media account and you need to know the specific dimensions for image sizes across all social platforms? We explain the…
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How SEO and PPC Work Together

Just a quick Google search of ‘SEO’ or ‘PPC’ will get you literally thousands of articles pitting the two against each other –…
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3 Actionable SEO Hacks Worth Revisiting in 2017

Another year, another leap forward in SEO. Google’s algorithms are every changing, but before you get too embroiled in the new, its always…
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Serious About Page 1 Google Rankings? Then Get These Top 10 Free SEO Tools Now!

Anyone who has had to manage their website will know how fierce and competitive Search Engine Optimisation is. Getting SEO right can be…
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Essential Steps To Setting Up and Running A Successful Social Media Campaign

So you’ve been sat in a staff meeting in a windowless room for an hour and someone thinks the answer to your sites’…
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An Introduction to the Superb Google Data Studio

What exactly is Google Data Studio? Currently in beta, Google Data Studio is primarily designed with SEO and SEM professionals in mind. It allows…
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Are You Ready For The Google Mobile Popup Update?

It’s now two years since Google added what they refer to as a “mobile-friendly” label to their search algorithm. This was intended to…
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Google Penguin 4.0 – Now a Core Part of the Algorithm

On 23rd September 2016, search giants Google made an announcement on their official Webmaster blog. This sent waves of uncertainty throughout the SEO…
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