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Our Pay Per Click (PPC) management services are perfect for businesses that need to reach new leads and customers quickly.

How our PPC management services can help you

A well-managed PPC campaign can immediately generate targetted traffic, which leads to conversions. The traffic will be of high quality because the user has entered a term very closely related to what you are offering. We aim to attract visitors who have a problem or need that your company can solve.

See results immediately

If your business is established, but you are disappointed with your online marketing efforts to date, or if it is brand new, you will benefit from using a PPC management company because results are instant. 

An alternative or complement to organic SEO, Pay Per Click is a popular choice for many companies as business owners can see quick sales from a well-constructed campaign. A fee is required to set up the campaign, and then a monthly service charge is payable based on the complexity of the keywords and market niche.

Obligations of pay per click management services

As you pay every time a user clicks on your search ads, it is essential to make sure we spend your ad budget on clicks that convert into customers. Furthermore, what is even more crucial is the cost per conversion (CPC) is considerably less than a clients’ spend. This means, if you are selling a product or service that on average earns you a £20 profit, it is not viable if gaining a new customer costs you on average of £20. The acquisition cost of the customer must be lower than a customer’s value. 

A PPC managers’ job is to set up your campaigns with potential lucrative key phrases, monitor the results closely to make sure the keywords are converting within budget, and remove any that are not performing well. With constant monitoring and tweaking, the PPC manager will ultimately have a list of profitable phrases.

While there are some aspects of marketing an untrained business owner can easily learn, running a PPC campaign is not one of them. As you can potentially lose money, you should outsource the task to a Google-certified professional. The search companies make it easy to set up a campaign on Google Ads (formally known as Adwords), but it takes expertise to create a profitable set of ads.

Pay Per Click Advertising Stats

Adverts can be annoying when you are surfing your favourite websites. But PPC statistics show the most compelling ads aren’t those that interrupt your browsing, offering you something you have no interest in; it is the ads that show when a user is searching using a related term that most often results in a conversion. 

If you are looking for a specific product and looking for relevant websites, PPC advertising outdoes any other online promotion method.

Interesting PPC figures include:

PPC Management Services Matter

The numbers don’t lie! PPC campaigns are an excellent way to reach a precisely targeted audience, increase brand awareness and drive traffic and conversions. 

Types of PPC Management Services We offer

Paid Search Ads

Make a positive ROI with a PPC search advertising campaign. We allocate the amount spent on each key phrase for maximum ROI and use a targeted and cost-effective strategy with custom-created ads for your online business.

With paid search ads, we use the Google Search Network to put ads on the search engine results pages (SERPS). When a user searches for a business, service, or goods like yours, your ads will appear to drive traffic to your website.

PPC Remarketing

Stay in front of interested visitors with remarketing ads. Our Google remarketing service is digital advertising that reminds users about your brand with a visually attractive image. Remarketing ads target visitors who have already seen your site. With a Google remarketing campaign, the visitor is reminded of your company.

Remarketing ads are a valuable part of any marketing strategy because market research shows consumers usually do not buy on the first visit to a site, but visit multiple times before deciding to purchase.

So, remarketing can turn a one-time visitor into a valuable, loyal customer.

Our team of Google-certified professionals will re-engage users who have already shown an interest in your products by producing a proven strategy that encourages potential buyers to return.

Social Advertising

If you need to create awareness about your brand, product, or service, we will develop a bespoke advertising campaign for social media. The goal is to start conversations with potential customers and help meet your business targets.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is the method of advertising a product or service on publisher network sites such as the Google Display Network and Facebook, etc. Relevant third-party websites display text, visuals, and video ads.

We offer custom display marketing strategies for brand exposure, user engagement, and conversions. We can manage direct response and brand awareness campaigns successfully.

Video Advertising

Video advertising, set up through Google Ads and shown on Google-owned YouTube, is a way of advertising your company on YouTube or in search results to increase your user reach. Video ads take various forms; you can show an ad before the user sees their chosen video, or show up in YouTube search results for people to watch in full.

There are six different types of YouTube ads, and before you start a campaign, you need to know the pros and cons of each type. Depending on the type you choose, your ad format will vary slightly.

We have expertise in creating video ads across a wide range of business sectors. Contact us to find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd, increase your brand awareness, and generate leads with a memorable video ad campaign.

Google Shopping Services

Google Shopping Ads are ideal for eCommerce businesses that sell physical goods online. Shopping ads show in the search engine result pages when a user enters a shopping-related term, and typically drive traffic to your page for a lower cost than search PPC.

Our PPC Management Service Process

We will assign an experienced PPC manager to manage your ad campaign. We only employ Google Adwords Qualified Individuals to manage our client’s PPC campaigns professionally. The person will study your business and create a custom PPC strategy.

We will only spend money on cost-effective keywords. We do meticulous keyword research to find the best opportunities for your business. We typically research thousands of keywords for each campaign and measure competition, traffic volume, and costs for each phrase to determine the best key phrases for a PPC campaign. We analyse negative keywords to ensure your ad spend isn’t wasted on unqualified traffic.

Competition Analysis

We keep a close eye on your competitors. We follow what they are doing and identify the pros and cons of their online promotion efforts. This helps us uncover a smart approach for your campaigns and ad content.

Ad Creation

We produce powerful search engine ads. We write compelling copy for every advert, devise ad groups, pick the best keywords, and target each ad at specific keywords. We perform A/B and multi-variant testing to identify the best-performing ads.

Monitor Your Ads & Optimize

It is essential to identify low-performing sections of an ad campaign fast. We keep an eye on all campaigns daily. If results drop off, we will detect the cause instantly and drop the low performers. We continue to research new keywords and launch new ads to keep up with trends and optimise results.


So you understand how your campaigns are performing, your PPC manager will send you monthly or bi-monthly reports. These include conversion tracking so you can see exactly how many sales our PPC management service produces every month

Why Choose Our Pay Per Click Services?

Our PPC advertising management services are supported with low-risk contracts. This allows you to try out our service with a minimal financial burden.

We provide our services at an inexpensive cost, which allows you to experiment with other types of advertising.

We manage search engine ad campaigns for dozens of businesses across varied sectors. We have more than 15 years of experience and proven knowledge of the best practices concerning keyword research, advert copy, and A/B split testing. We know Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and retargeting. Please don’t spend your valuable time trying to work these tactics out yourself when we can handle it. You can better spend your time running your business.

The amount of traffic you get each month depends on how productive we make your campaign and your budget. The more you wish to spend, the more traffic you will get. We advise starting with at least £50 per day in PPC spend. You can increase this one we have a consistent conversion rate established.  

The number of conversions varies due to several factors. How well we target the ads to your audience is a significant factor. There are external considerations, which include your prices, the product quality, and the competition in your market. We can fully discuss expected conversions when we have analysed your sector and competition.

It can be costly to advertise on Google. But with professionals managing your campaigns and using the pay-per-click model, you only pay when someone is interested enough to click on your ad. This traffic is frequently high quality and ready to buy. The people who see the ads are looking for your products or services, making PPC worth the price.

We look at the average lifetime worth of a customer for each business. Once we have established this, we can identify a recommended outlay to spend to acquire a customer. 

There is a primary setup fee to get you set up on our system to run your campaign. We will set up split testing software, analytics, and other admin tools as well as advertising accounts.

We offer primary contracts of three months. After the initial contract term is up, we charge the account on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel at any time, and we’ll give all the details of your accounts to you when the month ends.

No, unless you have content you want to use. The PPC manager in charge of your account will develop custom ads for your brand. If you want visual ads, we have images, design software, and stock video clips for all types of ad formats. We have the expertise and tools needed to create adverts to interest your audience.

We treat each campaign as though it were our own and carefully monitor ad performance every day. If an ad is not performing well, we pause it and adjust the campaign.

We run A/B split tests on all campaigns. This tests multiple variations of your ads and the target audiences. By testing all components of ads, we can identify areas of strength and weakness.

We want to hear about your business goals and discuss how we could help you reach them with PPC management services. Call us on +44 01793 238232.

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