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PPC Services

Our PPC services allow businesses to reach potential customers online instantly. Target your most qualified customers with a professional pay-per-click managed campaign.


How our PPC services can help grow your online business

Whether you run an online store selling physical items or you are a local removals company wanting to increase your leads, as a business owner, increasing revenue will be at the forefront of your mind. Our PPC services provide an opportunity to fulfill your business goals by displaying online ads to actively interested buyers who have typed in a search phrase closely related to your product or service. 

Fast Results

Organic search traffic is invaluable, but organic SEO does take time to deliver results. A carefully organised pay-per-click campaign can increase traffic as soon as we launch it, and quickly produce leads and sales.

Why use our pay per click services

When you run pay-per-click ads, search engines charge your account every time a user clicks on an ad. Therefore, it is imperative to the campaign's success to bid on only keywords that convert the clicks into customers.

When we run your PPC campaigns for you, we generate revenue while at the same time controlling costs. Let's assume you are a therapist paying £2 per click, and during one week, 50 people click on your ad, for a spend of £100. Of those 50 people, four contact you to discuss your services, and two become paying customers. For your £100 investment, you were able to secure two clients with a lifetime client value of significantly more than your initial financial layout. With PPC, we can measure all aspects of a campaign, and track whether running specific keywords is profitable, and make adjustments to direct your budget accordingly.

PPC Ad ROI Stats

When you run PPC ads, we must look at obtaining the best ROI possible. The following statistics show that PPC can provide a high ROI with experienced management.

For every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses, on average, earn $2.

More than 40 percent of brands plan on increasing their PPC budget, indicating PPC is an effective and profitable tool for marketers.

PPC ads are one of the top three on-page conversion generators; according to Formstack.

Sixty-five percent of clicks made by users who want to make a purchase are on paid ads.

SEO versus PPC stats

Search engine optimization and Pay Per Click are two strategies that bring in traffic. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. The following statistics focus on some of the benefits of PPC advertising over SEO.

Paid search results get 1.5 times as many conversions from click-throughs than organic search results.

Your site can show on the first page for a search term with PPC ads within a few hours.

Many consumers don't recognise the difference between paid ads and other results. A survey by ScienceDaily showed fewer than one in five users could identify native ads correctly.

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase than organic visitors.

PPC results are easier to gauge than SEO results, making it more manageable to track ROI and manage expenses

PPC is most effective when used in combination with SEO.

We Are You Ready To Grow Your Business - Are You? 

Pay-Per-Click is a fast, effective way to drive instant traffic to your website for increased inbound leads. With a targeted PPC campaign, we can focus on sections of your business you want to grow, products that are in season, or those that bring the highest profits, as PPC affords great flexibility. 

We advise our clients to run a PPC campaign adjacent to working on organic SEO. Companies should adopt SEO, but it is a continuous process that and results are not immediate, as with PPC. 

Advertising with PPC is more expensive than relying on SEO, but you will see results in a much shorter time frame.

To take advantage of the Google Ads' system, we recommend that a campaign budget is a minimum of £50 per day for PPC to produce the greatest results.

Types of PPC Ads Google offers

Paid Search

Make a positive return on your investment with a PPC search ad campaign. We designate the cost spent on each key search term for the highest ROI and use a targeted, cost-effective approach with custom-created ad copy.

We use Google's Search Network to place ads on the search engine results pages with PPC ads. When a user searches for a business or service with the keywords we target, your ad will appear high up in their search results.

Remarketing with PPC

Remind interested visitors about your business with remarketing ads. Our Google remarketing service involves advertising to users that have already visited your site. With a Google remarketing campaign, we remind the visitor about your products with a visually engaging ad.

Remarketing advertising is an important part of any marketing system because industry research shows customers usually do not buy on the initial visit to a site. They visit on average seven times before making a purchase.

Therefore, remarketing to your visitors can turn them into customers, who may otherwise have forgotten about your company.

Our team of Google-certified ad specialists will re-engage users and encourage potential buyers to return.

Social Advertising

If you need to generate awareness about your services, we will produce a custom advertising campaign for social media. The goal is to start communication with possible customers to help reach your sales targets.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is advertising on publisher network sites like the Google Display Network and Facebook, etc. We put ads on relevant third-party websites using text, image, or video ads.

We provide custom display marketing plans for brand exposure, user targeting, and conversions. We can manage either direct response or brand recognition campaigns.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are ideal for eCommerce companies that sell physical goods online. Shopping ads show in the search engine results for shopping-related terms. Depending on the key phrases, shopping ads usually cost less than search PPC ads.

Video Ads

Video advertising, set up through Google Ads and shown on Google's YouTube, is a way to get your company on existing popular YouTube videos or improve your exposure in YT search results. Video ads can be shown before the user sees their chosen video or can show in YouTube's search results to watch in full.

We have experience in creating video ads in a wide range of business sectors. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business show above your competitors, increase brand awareness, and generate leads with an exciting video ad campaign.

Our PPC Services Process

We assign an experienced PPC Manager to supervise your ad campaign. We only hire Google Adwords certified staff to run our client's pay-per-click campaigns successfully. The manager assigned will study your business and design a bespoke PPC tactic.

We only spend money on keywords with a good ROI. We do careful research to find the best key phrase opportunities for your business. We typically examine thousands of keywords for a campaign and measure competition, search volume, and each phrase's cost to determine the PPC campaign's best search terms. We analyse negative keywords, so your ad budget isn't spent on unqualified traffic.

Competition Analysis

We keep a close watch on your competitors. Identifying the pros and cons of their online marketing efforts helps us realise an intelligent approach for your campaigns and advert content.

Ad Creation

We produce powerful ads with compelling copy. We implement ad groups, choose the best keywords, and target each advertisement with its own closely related phrases. We do A/B and multi-variant testing to distinguish the best-performing ads.

Monitoring Ads & Optimising

It is crucial to identify low-performing sections early on in an ad campaign. We watch all movements daily. If results drop off, we will locate the cause instantly and stop the low performers. We continuously research new keywords and start new ads to keep up with trends and maximise results. 


So you understand how well your campaigns are performing, we send you monthly or twice-monthly reports. The reports show conversion tracking so you can see exactly how many transactions you get monthly due to our PPC services.

Affordable PPC Service

We back our PPC services with low-risk contracts. This allows you to try our service with minimal financial risk.

We provide our services at a reasonable cost, which helps you experiment with other advertising types.

We manage PPC ad campaigns for dozens of business owners in diverse sectors. We have many years of experience and knowledge of the best methods concerning keyword research, ad copy, and A/B split testing. We understand Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and retargeting. 

We recommend you don't spend your valuable time or waste money trying to correct PPC tactics out yourself when we can manage it on your behalf. You can spend your time more wisely running your business.

We want to hear about your business targets and see how we can help you reach them with our PPC services. Call us on +44 01793 238232.

Hire us for our PPC services before your competition does!