6 Must-Do’s for Effective Social Media Marketing

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There are many businesses today that are getting their social media marketing wrong. When you consult a professional, you will be told that you need to have a social media presence, but what they fail to tell you are exactly what that might entail. Social media marketing should not only be affordable but it should also be effective. If done right, social media marketing along with all of its elements can take any business, no matter small to the next level.

Similar to many of the traditional media channels such as radio and television or print advertisements, the results of your social media marketing will be minimal, should you broadcast to the wrong audience. Here is a list of the top 6 social media must-do’s anyone can follow to ensure their business is successfully marketed online.

Learn how social media works

If you take the time, you can learn a lot online from free content available on websites to online courses you can take. One of the key considerations you need to make is that you will need to learn how social media marketing can work for your specific business. The fundamentals might be very similar across the board but each business will need to make use of their own social media strategy which can capture the attention of their target audience.

Track and measure everything

You will never run a successful social media marketing campaign if you don’t measure your results. It’s important that you lay out clear goals with benchmarks that allow you to determine whether or not your social effort is paying off. The data you collect and analyze can then be used to make changes to your campaign. Tools like those you can find at Concentric Hubspot Marketing will be an enormous help with this.

Listen to your customers

The only way you are going to be able to deliver what your customers want is to listen to what they want and what they have to say. Social media platforms can be effectively used as an extension of your customer service.

Use effective SEO content

Search engine optimization or SEO is the effective use of creative and useful content to attract customers. Every day millions of people search the internet for information and tips. They want to get that information as quickly as possible. Information which is easily consumed by the customer will be easily shared and this will lead to more effective leads and more customers. Customers who find a business online using a search engine are also more likely to recommend that service to their friends and family on social media.

Automation for consistency

When looking at automation you can either be smart about it or you can come across as spammy. Spammy automation blasting customers with promotional offers are far less likely to work and you will quickly find that you are losing your customers. But, when handled correctly, automation can lead to happy supporters who will eventually become customers.

Engage your audience

One of the key requirements of an effective social media strategy is to effectively engage with your audience. When they ask a question, respond. Engaging your followers allows you to uncover problems or issues other customers might be experiencing as well. This is also a proactive way to address issues.



  • Mac McCarthy

    Mac McCarthy has been involved in the digital marketing field for over 20 years, having worked with the Jeeves, Alta Vista and Yahoo search engines in the early 90s through to the modern current day Google and Bing platforms.

    A keen follower of search engine algorithm updates and trends, he works and advises on digital strategies for a variety on SME’s and more recently the World Wildlife Fund, the single largest animal welfare charity in the world.

    Qualifications include Google Advanced Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search and the Google Partnership Program.

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