An Introduction to the Superb Google Data Studio

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Google Data Studio – Google

What exactly is Google Data Studio?

Currently in beta, Google Data Studio is primarily designed with SEO and SEM professionals in mind. It allows users to create reports with data from analytics to share with clients.

The data provided by Google Analytics has always been somewhat confusing for the average business owner to understand and those of who do “get it” often have a hard time translating it into reports that a client can easily comprehend. That is all about to change now, as Google Data Studio transforms what can be confusing information into attractive graphics which demonstrate what the data represents at a glance.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite is a pricey (rumoured to cost around $180K per year) tool for premium users and the Google Data Studio is part of the 360 Suite. Needless to say the Google Analytics Suite is way too expensive for most business owners or marketing agencies who need much cheaper ways to manage their data integrity, but Google are now offering the data studio for free GA users – perhaps to entice more to look at what they are potentially missing out on.

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Sample report provided by Google

The reports created are not only easy to decipher, they are also easy to share can be customised to suit each individual client. You chose how you want the data to display with a choice of bar graphs, line graphs, charts and so on. You can change colours, fonts, and use your own logo to brand the reports. However, before signing up, you should be aware the Suite probably won’t solve all issues, such as contract management.

Data from Other Sources

Inside the Data Suite you can import data from other sources –  you are not limited to using only Google Analytics data. For example, you could import data from Facebook providing you enter the information into a Google Sheet. In other words, any data you put into a Google sheet can be transferred into data studio allowing you to make attractive reports that are super-easy for your clients to understand.

Furthermore, the reports created are dynamic, so anytime there is a change in the data source, the updated statistics will show up on the reports. As the reports can be shared, collaborators can not only view the reports but also make changes if you grant permission. All you need to do is click “Share” to allow your clients or team members to view or edit the reports.

Google Data Studio Access

To access the Google Data Studio, go to You need to log in with your Google Analytics account. Currently with the data studio still in beta, users of the free version of Google Analytics get a limited the studio and can create up to five custom reports.

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Below is a YouTube video which provides an overview of the studio, and also shows you how to connect your data sources and create a visual report.


Google Data Studio Summary

The Data Studio offers big benefits to those who have struggled with analysing Google Analytics in the past and who dislike spreadsheets, just a quick glance at a Data Studio report tells you everything you need to know.

It is also a great aid for small SEO agencies as it allows you to create very professional looking branded reports, without spending extra money on a tool. Clients will be impressed to receive the reports updated dynamically in real time, and get a better idea of how their website is faring than was previously possible when relying on Google Analytics.

Access Google Data Studio Beta Here.



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