Penguin & Panda Recovery

Has Google Destroyed Your Online Business With Their Penguin or Panda Updates?

In their unceasing quest to rid the internet of spam, Google’s 2012 updates ruined many legit “whitehat” businesses, who were been caught up in the massacre and thousands of business owners were forced to lay off staff or close their doors as a result.
Many web business owners were left sitting scratching their heads and wondering what needed to be done to redress the balance and claw back the valuable business they had suddenly lost – in most cases overnight.
Although later updates have not been so brutal, if you lose rankings, your immediate reaction should be to analyse the problem site, go through Google’s webmaster guidelines and then sit down with a professional SEO expert and get to the root of the problem. However, very few business owners actually do this, and many take impulsive actions such as disavowing all incoming links which only leads to their sites sinking further.

It's Not Rocket Science

With careful research and analysis, you can have a good idea as to what has gone wrong and take steps to remedy the issue.
Google has openly said it wants to rid the web of poor quality websites that offer very little “added value” and therein lies the secret. These mostly tend to be link farms or websites that companies use to artificially manipulate their rating in the Google’s SERPs.
You can obviously analyse on page content, metas and format, but more often than not, loss of rankings tends to be due to Google raising the quality level of what it regards as valuable, relevant incoming links from trusted and relevant sources.

Time Is Money!

Don’t forget – time is money – the longer you leave your site floundering at the bottom of the fifth page and beyond the harder it will be to recover, as your competitors are not sitting around doing nothing!

Contact us today for more information about our Panda recovery service – in fact just click here and do it right now – we will soon have your situation analysed and your site on the way to recovery.

Do You Need Penguin or Panda Recovery Services?

Firstly, not all small businesses that experience loss of ranking will have been hit by a Google algo change. Sometimes your site will drop for a week or two, only to come back stronger – imagine if this were the scenario, and you had panicked and began disavowing all your hard-earned backlinks?

So What Should You Do?

The first step to recovering from a penalty is knowing if you have actually been hit by one. This is a crucial step and if you are in any doubt you should not guess. Getting this wrong can mean the damage is later irreparable, and you might as well take your website offline because it will never again see the light of day in the SERPs.

The best thing you can do is call us, as we have more than a decade of experience ranking literally hundreds of websites on Google's page one, and have successfully recovered dozens of sites hit with all types of penalties. The first thing we need to do is establish if you have been hit by a penalty, and if so, if it is due to your site being manually reviewed or if you have been swept down the rankings by the Google algo. Depending on which type of penalty you have received, the action we need to take is quite distinct.

Once we know what has actually occurred, we will outline a detailed recovery plan for your site. The amount of time you can expect to take to fully recover will vary from site to site – it depends on many factors from the keywords you want to rank for, the strength of your competitors, and of course how harshly you have been slapped.

Because each site and problem is unique, you will need to contact us and tell us more about your situation. Our Penguin or Panda recovery service approach to resolving a Google penalty usually involves a comprehensive SEO audit (which can take a few days),. Once we have evaluated your site’s structure, on-page content, competitors, and most importantly the inbound links, we will be able to identify opportunities for improvement and give you tangible recommendations and provide a step by step strategy of how to recover your lost rankings and revenue.

We can handle the full implementation of our methods for you or assist your team – the choice is yours.