Cheap Bed Sale Case Study


A Revitalised Website, Reduced Bounce Rate and an Increase In Sales

Cheap Bed Sale, a budget-friendly bed and mattress retailer, needed to modernise its website in response to an increasingly competitive market and an outdated website that no longer met customer expectations. By partnering with The Search Equation, Cheap Bed Sale revitalised its brand image and significantly improved user engagement, proven by a 33% reduction in bounce rate after launching the new site.

Cheap Bed Sale has been a trusted retailer of affordable beds and mattresses for over a decade. Despite having a busy brick-and-mortar shop, an attractive product range and a loyal customer base, their online sales were low, which wasn’t helped by their outdated website that was not mobile-friendly, loaded slowly, and provided a poor user experience. Recognising the need for change, Cheap Bed Sale contacted The Search Equation to revamp their website to better serve their customers and stay competitive.

The old website had inconsistent fonts, images that did not serve a purpose and slowed the site’s loading time, and looked cluttered. These factors contributed to the high bounce rate.


Cheap Bed Sale chose The Search Equation based on our impressive portfolio and approach to web design, which focuses on user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

We designed the new website with the following features:

Responsive Design: The new website was built with a mobile-first approach, ensuring it performed seamlessly across all devices.

Improved Load Times: We used search engine optimisation techniques to reduce page loading times, a critical factor in reducing bounce rate.

Enhanced Navigation: We implemented a more intuitive menu and site structure, making it easier for customers to find what they were looking for quickly.

High-Quality Imagery: Professional photos of beds and mattresses were used to showcase product quality and detail.

Customer Reviews: We included customer feedback to build trust and guide potential buyers.

Cheap Bed Sale Case Study

The Results

Within a month of the new website’s launch, Cheap Bed Sale experienced a significant improvement in user engagement metrics:

  • A 33% Reduction in Bounce Rate: The new site’s user-friendly design and faster load times encouraged visitors to explore more pages.
  • Increased Page Views per Session: With improved navigation, customers were more inclined to browse through the product range.
  • Higher Conversion Rate: Enhanced product pages and a streamlined checkout led to an increase in online sales.


Cheap Bed Sale’s investment in a new website paid off by significantly improving the user experience, leading to a low bounce rate and higher engagement. This case study demonstrates the indispensable role of modern web design and user experience in the success of online retail businesses. 

Cheap Bed Sale’s partnership with The Search Equation has set a new standard for the brand, positioning it for future growth in the affordable beds and mattresses market.

This case study highlights the importance of having an intuitive website and that matches the products on sale.

Contact us today if you feel your website could do with a makeover and you would like to experience the same results of Cheap Bed Sale.