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Many companies believe if you build a nice looking ecommerce website, the business will come. WRONG. Apart from a fully optimised platform, there are probably 5 other secretand vital tools that turbo charges your online shop business. We can help you propel your ecommerce store to new heights

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Is your website buried in search results, hidden from potential buyers? Are you tired of pouring money into paid ads with a poor return on your ad spend?

The Problems With Running an Ecommerce Site

The ecommerce sector is constantly growing. In retail ecommerce, the industry reached 5.5 trillion dollars in 2022. Forecasts anticipate it could reach 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.

Yet, conversely, as the sector grows exponentially, challenges increase for ecommerce businesses. Competition is extremely high, and access to products is endless.

Furthermore, ecommerce site owners must optimise their websites for an excellent customer experience and connect with their target market.

Gaining Customers

Online shopping has transformed over the years. Today, buyers use Amazon to search for products and read reviews. They use Google to search for brands. Many go on social media for recommendations. The internet has changed how we interact with information and communicate with each other. It’s easy to get distracted and forget about a product you came across and were interested in buying just 10 minutes previously.

However, online retailers can connect with their audiences by discovering where they hang out online and analysing their needs. Taking the appropriate actions helps ecommerce businesses gain visibility and customers.

The Competition

Many ecommerce businesses struggle to compete. Some markets are so saturated it seems impossible to stand out from the crowd. One way to distinguish your products from the competition is with strong branding.

We use branding colours, so your business is clearly different from your competitors. Adding a unique value proposition also helps attract more customers. 

Buying Experience

Shopping with an ecommerce company online is a distinct experience than buying in a brick-and-mortar shop. It’s vital for online retailers to meet customer expectations.

To offer a better customer experience, you must describe your products correctly, tell customers about loyalty programs, and be clear on pricing and your return and refund policy.

Customers want the same buying experience online as they get in person. If it is hard for them to find a product or price, they may get disillusioned and go elsewhere.

Converting Website Traffic

Creating and operating an e-commerce website is complicated, but driving traffic and seeing conversions can be even more problematic.

Omnichannel marketing helps drive traffic to online shops. Online stores require various digital marketing channels. When done correctly, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-per-click, display ads, retargeting, email marketing, and social media marketing will all bring you traffic and increase your online visibility.

An ecommerce site should have a user-friendly interface, without clutter, to build confidence with visitors and convert them to customers.

Outdated Web Design

People judge a website instantly by how it looks, and outdated web design can result in a bounce, or in other words, the user leaving the page in a very short time. We define what your bounce rate is, as it matters for SEO. 

A high bounce rate suggests that a website’s content or design is not entertaining or interesting to visitors, and as such, Google will devalue the importance of your site and show it lower on the search results.

Analysing the bounce rate on pages gives us pointers to improvement. Apart from an outdated design, slow load times, navigation problems, or unrelated content all impact the bounce rate.

You won’t know how many potential sales you’re missing out on until you update your web design.

Get Top Rankings on Google and Increased Visibility with SEO Services for Ecommerce

As ecommerce SEO experts at the Search Equation, we use varied techniques to boost ecommerce sales. Still, SEO is a method that has stood the test of time, and many of our ecommerce SEO customers have been with us for over a decade, which is a testament to their satisfaction. 

Increasing your ecommerce site’s visibility with SEO helps prospects find you more easily. As such, high visibility translates to traffic and sales. That’s why many online businesses seek our ecommerce SEO services to improve their search rankings.

To help your online shop in the search ranks, our process includes the following: 

Optimising the Homepage

Optimising the homepage is the first step in gaining a top spot in Google's rankings. It must have a title based on keywords that describe your products.

An H1 header on your homepage that includes the main keyword for your shop's homepage will help your rankings. It is helpful to have a paragraph telling visitors about your business containing relevant keywords.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

Posting duplicate content is one of the biggest mistakes shopping site owners make when optimising a website for search engines. If an ecommerce site is to gain visibility, it's best to avoid posting similar content. However, if you insist on multiple copies of the same content on different pages of your site, we use canonicalization to indicate which version is the original. This helps prevent issues with search engine rankings and ensures that your website is correctly optimised for search engines.

Canonising one of the duplicate content pages tells Google which one to index to prevent penalisation. We are very familiar with URL filtering and content canonicalisation to easily accomplish this.

Optimising Page Titles

Optimising the page titles is essential for ecommerce SEO. Page title optimisation is not easy for novices, as you must research and use keyword-rich titles to increase the visibility of each product on search results. Doing this on your own is time-consuming. So, contact us and find out about our low-cost SEO services for ecommerce.

Creating Engaging Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions will not directly affect your shop's visibility in the results. However, they do play a major role in greatly improving clickthrough rates in the SERPs, which can boost your ranking.

When writing a meta description, you must know what keywords your audience searches for. We compile a shortlist and then create compelling meta descriptions. The descriptions are enticing and make consumers want to know more.

Using High-Quality Images

Using High-Quality Images

Optimising Product Pages

When we have optimised your homepage, we move on to the product pages. To help Google rank these pages, we use descriptive keywords and product descriptions so visitors can easily find what they need when searching with specific keywords.

We use top industry research tools to review each keyword and determine if it is worth using.

Optimising your Categories

Another essential factor when optimising ecommerce pages and products is the category. We choose the most appropriate keywords for your shop and update the category pages to include these keywords in the title.

We then repeat the process for meta descriptions, headers, images, and content to boost rankings.

Integrating Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google's free website traffic tool. Once integrated into your website, this tool monitors all on-site activities.

GA data allows us to adapt the store to improve the user experience and drive more sales.


Link building is vital to keep websites visible in search engines. We create a strategy to persuade other relevant websites to link to your store. Some efficient methods we use are outreach and producing content for other websites. We target blogs and communities that are related to the types of products you offer.

Forming Redirect Links

At times, shop owners may change or delete a product, which leads to users encountering a 404 error. This is undesirable for SEO, so we use a 301 Redirect to remedy the issue. 301 Redirects are good SEO practice where visitors are redirected to a relevant page on your site.

Search engines will then overwrite the previous page with the 301 redirected page. For ecommerce shops, redirects are especially useful because items may sell out, or a newer version of a product may be more relevant.

Partner With A Top, Results-Driven Ecommerce SEO Agency

Our results-driven ecommerce SEO service sets clear, measurable improvement objectives, which we match with resources, tools, and action plans to achieve success. Therefore, investment is lower, goals are short-term, and actions taken lead directly to improvements in the search results.

To succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce and meet customer expectations, online businesses must prepare carefully. We first do a free ecommerce SEO audit to discover where problems may lie. We address common issues in online markets and prioritise creating a customer-centric culture.

By hiring us as your ecommerce SEO company, you will have more time to meet your customer’s needs and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Together, we can provide a high-end online shopping experience and achieve success in the ecommerce space.

Contact us today to find out more about our affordable ecommerce SEO services.