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Contrary to what many people believe, attractive websites only sometimes make money. Success and online income come from mobile-first websites designed for the target market to bring traffic and conversions. Our web development team create websites optimised for both users and search engines, guaranteeing engagement and visibility. So let us turn your underperforming website into a money-making machine!

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The Invisible Online Presence Dilemma

Are you lost in the online abyss? An invisible website is a non-existent one. Having an aesthetically attractive site is only useful if people see it. Our innovative web development services include optimisation to ensure your site appeals to search engines and not only stands out for visitors but shines brightly, giving users an online experience to remember and driving more traffic and engagement.

Poor User Experience: A Frustrated User Is a Lost Opportunity

Don’t let poor web design and complicated navigation turn potential customers away. An intuitive and captivating website is essential for a seamless user experience that keeps visitors on the site and reduces bounce rate, a significant SEO factor that affects your website’s ranking.

A poor user experience (UX) ruins trust, degrades brand image, lowers conversions, and negatively affects an online business. Users can choose from numerous digital options, and bad UX is a sure fire way to send your visitors to your competitors.

Building Brand Awareness

Being invisible to search engines means you are also invisible to potential customers, which means no sales or income. We help our clients overcome this common dilemma by optimising a new website from the start. It’s far less complicated to start out on the right foot than try to correct mistakes down the road.
Our on-page and technical SEO strategies include advanced keyword research, meta tag optimisation, structured data, and URL structuring. We regularly update our strategies to work with the latest search engine algorithms and guidelines.
We also make sure our websites are optimised for speed and performance, as these are decisive factors for search engine rankings. Techniques include image optimisation, applying browser caching, and minifying CSS and JavaScript files.
The better optimised your site is, the higher it will appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). This increased visibility results in more free organic traffic. But good SEO isn’t just about bringing in traffic—it’s about attracting the right traffic ready to buy your goods and services.

Escape the Slow Lane: Speed Into the Future

A slow-loading website is a fast track to losing customers. We specialise in creating lightning-fast, responsive websites that keep up with the speed of your business, so you never lose a potential buyer because they are tired of waiting.
We help you stay ahead of the curve by adopting new and emerging web technologies that improve the functionality and efficiency of your websites. This could include progressive web apps (PWAs), API-first design, and serverless architectures.
We implement robust security measures to protect websites from threats. These include SSL certificates, regular security audits, and keeping up with data protection regulations.

A Disjointed Brand Is a Forgotten Brand

A company’s brand is what sets it apart from other businesses that offer similar products or services. Through branding, a company can establish itself in the minds of its target audience and become their preferred choice for doing business.

A website is a powerful tool for storytelling and brand building. Disconnected or disjointing branding can confuse and alienate your audience.

We will establish a strong brand identity for your company, highlighting your expertise, top products or services, and client testimonials.
Our integrated approach to web development ensures your brand is consistently represented, promoting trust and loyalty.

Case Studies: Real Businesses, Real Results

Discover How Our Clients Achieved Significant Growth with Web Development Services

Cheap Bed Sale Case Study

A 33% Decrease In Bounce Rate

The Cheap Bed Sale is a long-established business with an online and offline presence, including a warehouse located in Leeds. As the name suggests, the company sells low-cost beds and mattresses and is a great find for anyone needing a new bed, bed base or mattress with free and fast delivery. The owners of Cheap Bed Sale approached us, because although their site ranked for several keywords with strong buyer intent, they felt too many visitors were leaving the site in a short time without browsing the products, contributing to a high bounce rate, which is bad for sales and SEO.

Their old site looked outdated, with confusing fonts and graphics which did not serve a clear purpose. We overhauled the site, bearing in mind the clients wanted a cheap bed, and probably did not want to wade through dozens of beds before finding one to suit their needs and budget. We kept the site as simple as possible, so visitors could find exactly what they needed quickly. After we launched the new site, the company saw a 33% reduction in bounce rate, and a 25% increase in sales.

British Baits case study

British Baits Case Study

A 2.9% Conversion Rate Within Five Months

Not all our web development clients come to us because their website is underperforming. Many of the sites we develop are for start-up business owners, who often find us after browsing an attractive site and seeing we designed it via a link on the site.

British Baits is a family-owned business that needed a website as its owners decided to sell their products exclusively online. The owners wanted a site that was easy on the eye and had straightforward navigation, making it easy to find the right bait within their growing product range. 

The project involved blending aesthetic appeal, functionality, and optimal structuring to for user engagement and sales. The goal was to craft a site that displayed the company’s products in the best light and made the purchasing process seamless and appealing for anglers and fishing enthusiasts.

Within just six weeks the company saw sales trickling in, and after just four short months were experiencing an extremely healthy 2.9 percent conversion rate. We can’t take all the credit for that, as the products, we have been reliably told, are outstanding. However, a great looking website with a flawless ordering system is always a plus!

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Web Development FAQS

At The Search Equation, we specialise in a comprehensive range of web development services. These include custom website design, responsive web development, ecommerce solutions, content management systems (CMS), web app development, and website maintenance. Our expert team caters to various technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python, so we can deliver diverse project requirements.

Our website creation process is designed to be straightforward, easy, and enjoyable. Here are the main steps we take:

  1. First, we will talk to you to understand how you want your website to look and what it must do.
  2. Then, we write up a plan that explains what we will do, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.
  3. Next, we create a rough illustration of your website's design. We keep working on this concept until you are happy with it.
  4. After that, we build the website and ensure it works correctly on all kinds of devices with different-sized screens.
  5. When we're done building, we test the website to make sure everything works smoothly. If it doesn't, we make changes until it does.
  6. Finally, we put your website online so peopl

The timeline for building a website can vary significantly depending on its complexity, functionality, and level of customisation. A basic website may take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, while more complex projects could require more than a month to complete. We can give you an accurate timeline after the initial consultation when we have a more thorough understanding of your project requirements.

Absolutely! We offer website redesign and improvement services to enhance your existing website's look, usability, and performance. This can include refreshing the design, optimising for mobile devices, improving site navigation, and updating content. We start with a detailed audit of your website to identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy to meet your business objectives.

The cost of web development is influenced by several factors, including its size, complexity, custom features, and the time for completion. Given the bespoke nature of web development, we need to discuss your specific needs before providing a quote. But you can rest assured that we offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes to suit your budget and expectations.