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The Search Equation is a trusted SEO company that helps small and medium size businesses grow their local visibility and increase their profits. Many small businesses have strong competition, and a local SEO package can help you dominate your area and bring in more clients.

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Local SEO services
Local SEO Services
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Are You Struggling to Get Noticed by Local Customers?

Many businesses drop into the deep depths of online business visibility, never reaching their local audience. Our Local SEO services make sure you stand out where it matters most— in your community. 

Local SEO optimises a brand’s online presence to increase local traffic, visibility, and brand awareness. This is done by optimising the Google Business Profile, discovering local keywords, and creating regionally relevant content, among other activities.

Any business that has a physical location or serves a specific area can benefit from local SEO. 

By optimising your business for local searches, we make sure your company is the first one potential local customers see, driving foot and online traffic and growing your sales.

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Are You Overwhelmed by the Complexity of SEO?

Unless you have learned the topic as a professional, SEO can feel like a maze, with its ever-changing algorithms and technical jargon. The team at The Search Equation will demystify SEO for you by explaining the different types of SEO and why local SEO could be the best solution for your business.

We handle all the technicalities so you can focus on what you do best—running your business. So let us take the SEO burden off your shoulders, making it straightforward and effective for you.

Are You Tired of Watching Competitors Outrank You?

Seeing competitors rank higher and attract more customers than you is frustrating, especially when you know your services or products are superior. Our Local search strategies will not only level the playing field but put you ahead.

We analyse your competition, identify gaps and opportunities, and implement tactics that drive you to the top of the local search results.

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Is Your Marketing Budget Not Delivering Results?

Spending on marketing without seeing a return for your hard-earned money is disheartening. Our Local SEO services optimise your marketing spend and ROI by targeting efforts that produce the highest returns—locally.

With our strategies, every penny of your SEO budget works hard to attract people in your area who are actively seeking your services.

Do You Struggle with Engaging Your Local Community?

Engagement is critical to building customer loyalty and driving repeat business, but it’s engaging with customers you’re not reaching is hard, if not impossible. Our Local SEO services aim to put your business on the local results so customers typing in related keywords to your offerings see your business and can connect with you.

We help you engage with local customers through optimised listings, articles about what’s on locally, and social media strategies, turning browsers into loyal customers.

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Case Study Success Stories | Real Results - Real Impact

Discover How Our Clients Achieved Unprecedented Growth with Our Google Ad Management
Local SEO case study for designer lashes

1370% Increase In Interested Enquiries

The SEO partnership between Designer Lashes of London and The Search Equation illustrates the escalating business opportunities digital marketing has presented throughout the years. We have worked with Janette Vince from Designer Lashes for well over a decade, and through targeted SEO strategies and a commitment to an excellent service, the salon has achieved sustained growth and is known as one of the premier lash salons in London.

This case study is a testament to the ongoing value of adapting to digital trends and the importance of choosing the right SEO agency to help you thrive in a competitive market.

Local SEO service case study for The Swindon Plasterer

41% Increase In Business Profile Interactions

In March 2023, Daniel, a plasterer from Swindon, recognised the benefits of local SEO. His wish was to grow his online presence and attract more clients. Our team was keen to help Daniel achieve this goal. Since then, with a combination of our concentrated local SEO efforts, combined with Daniel’s commitment to delivering exceptional work, we’ve seen excellent results.

Before March 2023, Daniel received only occasional impressions on his Google My Business profile and almost zero leads.  These days he is kept busy with an average of two enquiries a day, from clients ready to hire him.

Who Needs Local SEO Services?

As a small business owner, you don’t just want your business to survive; you want it to flourish, and to achieve this having a strong internet presence is no longer an option but a necessity.
Either you market your business online, or you will probably find you no longer have a business.

Trying to establish an online presence for most small business owners is a challenge. As the World Wide Web becomes more crowded by the hour, dozens, or even hundreds, of local businesses compete for the coveted number one spot at the top of the Google Business Profile listings. If you want to have a chance of customers finding you when they search for the products or services you offer, you must prioritise and perfect your local SEO.

Hairdressers, beauty therapists, and solariums

Owners of these types of businesses are often incredibly involved in the business's day-to-day running and administering services to clients personally. The spa and beauty industry is extremely competitive, and these types of business owners need to make the most of local SEO and use it fully to their advantage.

Restaurant owners, publicans, and takeaway owners

The people living in your area may know there is a fish and chip shop or an Italian restaurant just a few streets away, but are they aware of what you offer? Do they know the prices of your meals and your opening hours? Will your website show at the top of the page when they do a local search? If not, there is a good chance you'll be kicking yourself down the line.

Decorators, painters, and gardeners

If a householder needs some home improvement work done, they are far more likely to turn to a local person or company than look to a franchise or national chain. However, if you live in an average-sized town or city, you will likely face fierce competition from other contractors. We can help you rise above them in the Google Business Profile results to ensure searchers see your name first.

Retail outlets, small stores, and corner shops

Rather than visiting the local shopping centre, vast numbers of consumers are first looking for the goods they need online. Whether you run a small corner shop or a big furniture outlet, your business must come up when a searcher types in any product you supply.

Accountants, financial advisers, and solicitors

If you offer any financial or legal services, you can be sure that hundreds of people in your immediate area are typing in relevant search terms because they need professional advice. Not having your website optimized for your local service is detrimental to your online visibility and leads to loss of revenue. SEO for solicitors is one of the ways we can help a leagl services generate new clients for their business.

Plumbers, builders, electricians, and handymen

Whether you are a man with a van working alone or the owner of a firm employing a team of builders, you must be within the top one to seven results on Google Business Profile for customers to likely find you. When looking for a plumber or an electrician, a searcher could well be in an emergency situation, and they will not scroll far down the results to find help. They need your service right now and only look at the top few results before making a call.

Dentists, chiropractors, and dermatologists

If you run a business in the private healthcare industry, due to the nature of your work, a customer can lead to repeat business. So acquiring a single extra client can help your income significantly, compared to a single customer who enters a pub or restaurant outside their local area, never to return again. For this reason, paid advertising for healthcare businesses can be prohibitively expensive. Local SEO helps dentists and others in the healthcare sector gain free traffic from the search engines, and in a relatively short time compared to regular SEO.

Transform Your Local Online Presence Today

To get your local SEO off to a flying start call us on +44 (01793) 238232 or fill out our contact form to find out more about our Google Business Profile SEO services. Within just a few minutes, we can set up a plan to assess your current online strategy (if you have one) and get to work, so you can say goodbye to an under-performing website that no one ever finds.

After discussing the details and finding out your business goals, we will start on your project. Within just a few weeks, you will find your site climbing up the Google Business Profile listings until it is where it needs to be for your business to grow.

Local SEO FAQs

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to optimising your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. These searchers intend to find a business or service nearby and take place on Google and other search engines.

Local SEO helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers when they're looking for them online. This is particularly important for businesses with brick-and-mortar premises or those serving a specific geographical area.

Google uses many factors to select the top business profiles for local search rankings, including how well a local Business Profile matches a search query, the distance from the searcher to the location, and how well-known or authoritative a business is in the area.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their profiles across Google, including Search and Maps. A well-optimised GMB listing can significantly affect your business's visibility in local search results and performance.

Online reviews impact local SEO by improving your business's visibility in search results and influencing potential customers' purchase decisions. Positive reviews can also boost your business's credibility and authority locally.

Incorporating local keywords into your website's content and meta tags is crucial for local SEO. These keywords should reflect the geographical locations you serve and help search engines understand where your business operates and what it offers.

Yes. An active social media presence helps increase your brand's visibility and engagement, which can indirectly boost your local search rankings by sending to search engines that your business is reputable.

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number (NAP) for a local business. Citations can be posted on local business directories, websites, and social platforms. They matter for local SEO because they help search engines confirm your business's existence and accuracy, improving your chances of ranking.

Website optimisation for local SEO involves ensuring your site is mobile-friendly, loads quickly, and is secured with HTTPS. It also includes adding location-specific pages if you serve different areas and naturally including local keywords into your content.

To measure your local SEO performance effectively, track metrics such as local search rankings, website traffic from local searches, conversion rates from local visitors, click-through rates from GMB listings, and the number and quality of online reviews.