Mattress Time Case Study

Mattress Time website

Mattress Time, a Leeds-based supplier of mattresses, faced a problem many retail website owners will resonate with. The company is a long-established firm with a broad product range. They were getting organic visitors as the site is more than ten years old and ranks for many search terms, but only a small percentage of those visitors were converting into customers. Recognising the potential of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising but lacking knowledge, Mattress Time partnered with us at The Search Equation for PPC management services.
This case study summarises the challenges we needed to overcome, the methods we used, and the positive results that followed.

The Background

Mattress Time is not only an online retailer; they also have a shop in Leeds and are well known in the area as a company offering high-quality brands, as well as budget mattresses with a fast, next-day delivery service. However, their online sales were lacking, and we needed to develop a strategy to attract more visitors who were ready to buy. The primary challenge was non-converting organic traffic, underperforming ad campaigns, and a high cost-per-acquisition (CPA), leaving the company with only a small profit after paying ad costs.

Mattress Time CPA graph
Mattress Time Keywords Bar Chart

PPC Objectives

Our main task was to boost the amount of converting visitors by sending targeted “ready to buy” visitors to the company’s website. When executed successfully, this would increase conversions and lower the CPA.

Strategy & Implementation

We did a complete audit of Mattress Time’s existing digital marketing efforts and found areas we could improve. We divided the implementation process into several stages.

Keyword Optimisation

After conducting extensive keyword research, we decided on the most likely to convert keywords with high buyer intent specific to mattresses. This meant our ads only appeared for searches that were likely to convert, rather than those researching different mattress types.

Ad Copy 

Our writers developed compelling ad copy describing Mattress Time’s unique selling points, including fast and free nationwide delivery, a wide range of mattress types and sizes, and pricing to match all budgets. We used A/B testing to discover which ads were most profitable. 

Landing Pages

We developed optimised landing pages for each PPC campaign for a smooth user experience and increased conversion rates. We customised the pages to match diverse customer demographics and matched the ad copy.


Implementing geo-targeting is important for companies who work in a certain district. Although Mattress Time deliver nationwide, targeting for certain districts can help keep ad costs down, as local keywords are often cheaper than general nationwide phrases. 

Budget Reallocation

After two weeks, we could see which ads were top performers and which were breaking even. We continuously monitor and analyse results, and moved the budget allocation to the best-performing ad groups.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting is a potent advertising strategy for re-engaging visitors who did not buy during their first visit to a website. Customised messaging is used based on the user’s interaction with the website.

The Results

The PPC campaign overhaul led to the desired results after close monitoring and adjusting during three months.

  • We achieved a 60% increase in website traffic from PPC ads.
  • PPC campaigns generated a 110% increase in online sales for the company.
  • We lowered the Cost Per Acquisition by 70%, noticeably reducing marketing costs and increasing profits.
  • We improved ad relevance scores, which is important for any PPC campaign, as it leads to lower costs per click (CPC) and higher ad placements.
Monthly Sales Bar Graph


The Search Equation, working as Mattress Time’s PPC services management agency, was a turning point in the company’s digital marketing results. Their pay-per-click campaigns were strategically developed to improve the conversion rate and optimize marketing spend, demonstrating the value of professional PPC management for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and social media PPC.

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Our partnership with Mattress Time shows how PPC campaigns can convert more visitors into customers. 

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This case study highlights our expertise in using PPC for success in highly competitive markets.

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