Fangs & Bats – 7 Tech Giants After Your Blood

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Fangs and Bats


There was a time when you thought of fangs, and Dracula came to mind.

Nowadays in our modern world, its meaning is far more technical!



With over 2 billion users, of which over half are solely mobile users, Facebook has dominated many people’s lives for the last 5 years. From Africa to Iceland, Afghanistan to Hawaii, you will see people walking along the sidewalks and streets, phone in hand, communication via Facebook.

It has become a phenomenon that young people find impossible to do away with, while for others, it’s a virus that can’t be cured.

A is for APPLE

This modern phone giant has sold over 1 billion phones worldwide. If you want to be noticed, you just have to have an iPhone.

Android? Not even in the same class, they say!

Apple has been estimated to have over 50% of the world Smartphone market share thanks to its continued investment in device upgrades with the current iPhone X, the latest best seller.

Other companies try to emulate, but it will take something special to overcome the mighty Apple Corporation.

N is for NETFLIX

A relative newcomer to the Fang brigade, Netflix (“Net” derived from the word Internet and “Flix” from the shortened version of Movie Flicks, a synonym of movie.) It’s original name was Kibble!… no wonder they changed it!

Another American conglomerate, Netflix has now more than 140 million PAYING subscribers. It is without doubt, the biggest (and best) online streaming service in the world

G is for GOOGLE

How could we leave out our next of kin, “do no evil” Google?

Simply a phenomenon.

You love or hate Google. It’s produced some breathtaking software and programs that have contributed immensely to our daily lives. Yet, on the other hand, has it become too big, too powerful to such a degree that its household devices can listen to your conversations?

Better be careful when you talk about the next-door neighbour again!


Now we jump halfway around the world to the world’s second-biggest economy, China, and the top 3 monsters that are part and parcel of the Chinese population.

B is for BAIDU

The Google equivalent of Google, Baidu has more than 80% of the Chinese marketplace. Ranked number 4 in the world in terms of traffic, it is China’s busiest website.

Leaving the competition to fight over the minor places, Baidu fully complies with local laws and censorship, as directed by the Chinese government. Enough said!

A is for ALIBABA

As a child, I enjoyed watching those “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves” cartoons and movies.

Nowadays, the phrase may be the same, but the meaning is totally different.

Unlike Baidu, which mainly derives its traffic from within China, this Godzilla of a company has around 550 million users and controls over HALF of the Chinese e-commerce market.

Previously many western countries were reluctant to use Alibaba due to its location, language and the unease of not knowing exactly what would arrive. Then couple these to the idea that you had zero opportunity to send products back if needed to!

My word, how that is all changed. The Chinese are relentless in their pursuit.

Now they employ English speaking sales managers, produce literature in good English, offer competitive shipping terms and above all, the starting prices are a snip compared to European and American prices.

With a workforce of over 60,000 (rising daily), Alibaba is Godzilla on jet skis.

T is for TENCENT

Probably, Tencent is the least known of all the Fangs and Bats. I must admit, I never heard of it. When I first read the name, I thought it was a rapper or garage DJ.

How far wrong could I be? With a stake in over 700 Companies worldwide, Tencent Holdings is a multinational investment holding corporation and the world’s LARGEST gaming company, to name just one incredible statistic.

Its many services include social networks, music, web portals, e-commerce, mobile games, internet services, payment systems, smartphones, and multiplayer online games, which are all among the world’s biggest and most successful in their respective categories

If you thought Godzilla had jet skis, this little monkey hiding in the shadows has a lunar rocket.

So there you have it. 7 incredibly successful tech giants dominate half the world geographically, as well as being part of our day-to-day lives for the other half.

Is it good to be dominated by such a small group of companies?

I’ll leave you with one thought.

Fangs? That was Dracula, we say. To the older generation, a fictitious bloodsucking devil!

Fangs? To the younger generation, maybe the same definition…but now it’s real!



  • Mac McCarthy

    Mac McCarthy has been involved in the digital marketing field for over 20 years, having worked with the Jeeves, Alta Vista and Yahoo search engines in the early 90s through to the modern current day Google and Bing platforms.

    A keen follower of search engine algorithm updates and trends, he works and advises on digital strategies for a variety on SME’s and more recently the World Wildlife Fund, the single largest animal welfare charity in the world.

    Qualifications include Google Advanced Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search and the Google Partnership Program.

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